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Such a fabulous day on Wednesday organised by Megyn at #Cleantech Industries ! - every time I re-engage or meet new "Planet savers" I always come home feeling invigorated, hopeful and grateful to be working in this Sustainability space. Stewart from Earthcheck opened the day reminding us of the global work being done in Sustainable Certification from Mexico to Sweden, from Rio to the Paris agreement and so much more. From our recognition of triple-Biosphere locations within the Sunshine Coast, Orange Sky impact models, to the love of trees and how to calculate your footprint and recognising green suppliers, experts shared and cared about so much. New carbon snapshots from Ecobiz, Planet Ark's role in the circular economy and our brave and fearless reminder from Sobah - "What has our so called "progress" really cost our First Nations people? and why indigenous businesses should be considered with priority in the Sustainability conversation." With barely enough time to squeeze in a pastry and cuppa.... we were underwater with Seaweed, upstream with EV energy calculations and impassioned by Natalie Isaacs - One Million Women and the incredible work they are doing.

Thanks again for the invite #GreenX - look forward to the next one!

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